So we’re into a fresh new year and with it brings a sense of anticipation. Many of us will have made New Year resolutions, giving ourselves goals and targets to work toward. It’s also a time for making new commitments and asking ‘will you marry me?’, a question asked all over the world as the clock struck midnight. Indeed, Christmas and new year are the most popular times of the year when couples get engaged.

Is it something you’re thinking of but didn’t feel like the time was quite right?

There are bound to be plenty of opportunities throughout the year, and sometimes it’s even more special if it’s a moment in time that has significant meaning to you and your beloved – and all the more romantic the more personal you can make it.

Yurt with Private Deck with Hot Tub - Cheers!

Your engagement will become part of your story as a couple, a chapter that friends will want to hear about and one day, perhaps, your children. So isn’t it right that you think carefully about the where and when?

Perhaps it will be on the anniversary of your first date, that magical first kiss, the day you first professed your love for each other. Maybe you’ll want to return to the first restaurant you visited together or whisk your loved one off to the one place in the world they’ve always wanted to visit.

Propose as you watch a beautiful sunset

Now you can’t get more romantic than that! We may not be able to offer a tropical paradise, but at Alexander House we can promise the most memorable sunsets you can imagine. It’s one of our favourite views and it literally feels like the sky is painting a picture for you.

Small and intimate wedding venue near Gleneagles, Perthshire | Alexander House

There is something rather awe-inspiring and inspirational about watching a sunset, it reminds you just how wonderful the world actually is and will intensify the desire you have to share the rest of your life with the person sat beside you – that question you want to ask will happen naturally.

Do it in style!

Get even more romantic and stay in one of our cosy yurts – choose Bramble or Heather and enjoy the luxury of ensuite facilities and wood burner. Sip champagne in a hot tub made for two as night falls and simply pick your moment – if you are lucky enough to see the Aurora Borealis, then your proposal couldn’t get much better.


Wood-Fired Hot Tub | Luxury Yurt Glamping in Scotland

Yurts in the Snow - Winter Glamping in Scotland with Wood-Fired Hot Tub Views!

Or go big and invite all your besties

You could add an extra dimension to your proposal by having all your mates with you. Stay in Alexander House and you can invite up to 19 friends to witness your special moment (or at least report back after sneaking away to propose in private) and celebrate in style – why wait when you can have an engagement party then and there!

We think either option sounds like a good story to be able to tell in the future!

Sunset at Alexander House | Glamping & Self Catering Holiday House near Gleneagles