05 Oct 2019
Perthshire Hen Do Ideas - Spalsh White Water Rafting

Love playing on the water? Scotland’s rivers are here to enjoy to the full…

Think Scotland and you might rustle up a romantic vision of mist over a glen. A more cynical soul might simply imagine dull rainy days! 🙂

The truth of the matter is that Scotland has the same amount of daylight hours as Brighton – and in the spirit of presenting a balanced view, get a sea fret on the coast and you’ll know about it! Scotland really isn’t as miserable as many may think. Yes, there is rain. Yes, we get our fair share of snow. But that’s to be expected in a mountainous region, and the 26 rivers that travel through a wonderful variety of scenery and past Scotland’s historic towns before reaching the sea have helped shape a beautiful natural environment.

Scotland’s rivers, including the Tweed, Spey, Clyde, Tummel, Teith, Forth, Dee and Don, cover over 700 miles. Not only do they offer some amazing fishing, the rivers also provide a perfect natural playground for water-based adventures. Close to Alexander House is the River Tay, the longest river in Scotland and the seventh longest in the UK. It originates on the slopes of Ben Lui to the west and travels eastward to the Firth of Tay, just below Dundee, where it flows out into the North Sea.

Splashing about on the River Tay

Splash River DuckiesBeing so close, it would be wrong not to take advantage of the fun to be had on the Tay, which is why we went to spend a day on the water with the fantastic team at Splash. With just the two of us, the River Duckies activity was ideal – we got to shoot the rapids in a 2-person inflatable, which is part white-water raft, part kayak with a bit of Canadian canoe thrown in. Whether you’ve tried rafting before or are a complete beginner, you’re accompanied by expert guides – we felt safe throughout the three-hour experience and really enjoyed the freedom of controlling our own craft. It’s fun, it’s exhilarating, and it’s exhausting afterwards! 🙂

Splash offers many more activities on various rivers – from canyoning to kayaking. They also offer land-based fun, including quad biking and paint balling. The company was set up back in 1996 and since 2003, ex-military man and passionate explorer/adventurer Pete has been at the helm. Splash has a huge clientele, including schools, youth groups, charities, corporates and military, as well as individuals looking for a thrill.

Taking to the river is such a great way to experience the wonderful Scottish landscape, booking a trip with Splash would certainly add a wow factor to your stay and also provide some amazing memories. Whether you’re visiting Alexander House as a family, a group of friends or you’ve organised a hen weekend away, we’d highly recommend adding a water activity to your itinerary! And who cares if the sun isn’t glaring down – get out there, get the adrenaline pumping, then return to Alexander House for a lovely, relaxing evening. What better plan is there?!

26 Jul 2019

Large Group Catering Tips… “Help, how do I cater for 21 people?!”

So your weekend at Alexander House is confirmed and you’re all set for a fantastic few days away! But hang on, what about food? There will be 21 mouths to feed and that takes some planning. If you’re anything like me, planning a meal for four can be a challenge and I actually enjoy cooking! So how does one cope with cooking for 21 and manage to make the food look interesting and taste great. Don’t panic, it’s all good – we’ve got some top tips that will make catering for a big group so much easier.

Hen Do Ideas | Turkish Food Masterclass Perthshire

We have a lot of experience within our team here at AH, so we thought we’d share our top tips on large group catering to reduce your stress…

1. Plan ahead

Don’t be too laid back, time will pass quickly so it’s important to plan ahead. Once you’ve confirmed numbers you’ll know how many to cater for.

2. Check dietary requirements

Make sure you find out about any special dietary requirements, as well. It may mean a few tweaks in the menu but you’ll still be able to provide a meal that everyone will enjoy.

3. What’s the occasion?

Do you need balloons, decorations, alcohol, a cake?

Small and intimate wedding venue near Gleneagles, Perthshire

4. Many hands make light work

When catering for a large group everyone can have their part to play. Make a list of all party members and allocate jobs. You can even involve youngsters, from laying the table, washing the veg, washing the dishes. Importantly, assign the adults different nights to cook – no one person should have to be stuck in the kitchen all weekend.

5. Order online

Check out which supermarkets can deliver to your holiday home. Start making a shopping list online but choose one that can be added to – that way you can share the login with your group. From your list of names assign who will be cooking what. That way they can add their ingredients so it’s not the responsibility of just one person.

6. Think seasonal

Consider the time of year and what seasonal food is available. With so much variety of different vegetables it’s a good time to try something a little different rather than going for the same choices. The way you prepare veg can also make a difference. Carrots, for instance, can be used in so many ways, such as sliced, cubed, batons or shaped.

Small and intimate wedding venue near Gleneagles, Perthshire | Alexander House

7. Timing is key, so keep things simple

If you’re planning a formal dinner, you’ll need to think about how to ensure everyone gets their food hot. Making good choices will help with this, nothing to complicated otherwise you’ll get into a fluff! Timing is key. When do you want to eat? If you have some younger members you may need to start early so dinner isn’t late, or depending on how little, do they need to be in bed early so you can enjoy yours without it getting cold. Are you planning two or three courses? A cold starter will ease the stress levels, as will cold puddings – but you could then add a hot sauce topping. If you decide on 3 courses, make sure your starters are cold ones this will ease the stress levels.

8. Themes work well

Using a theme can help with ideas – Italian, curry, pizza, barbecue, Mexican etc. An Italian night is one of my favourites, you can do a meat and vegetable lasagne, which makes tweaking them to cover dietary issues not too difficult. Add a few different salads, warm crusty garlic bread and tiramisu for pudding. This is great for a relaxed buffet-style supper. If you choose a curry you can easily tweak to provide 2-3 courses – poppadoms and raita for starters, curries, dhal, sag aloo, bhaji and warm homemade nan bread (easy to make) for the main course, and cool mango rice or coconut ice cream for dessert.

Hen Do Ideas - Fully Catered Activity Weekend | Near Gleneagles Perthshire

9. If in doubt, outsource!

Check out the local options too! You may all fancy a night off from cooking so you could invite one of our caterers or get the mobile fish and chips van to visit!

Private Chef | Holiday House Gleneagles

25 May 2019
Hen Party Ideas | Dance Class | Make Your Own Dance Routines

Hen Party Ideas: City Dance Parties comes to Alexander House

Happening in locations across the UK, City Dance Parties has captured the imagination of people who love to dance or want to learn to dance. The company provides unforgettable dance experiences for Hen and Stag weekends, corporate getaways, birthdays and girly weekends. Whether you have two left feet or consider yourself a pretty mean mover, this is one dance party that’s guaranteed to get even the most reluctant dancers boogying all night long! And now we’re delighted to announce that these fabulous dance sessions can be booked at Alexander House.

Who better to make the introductions than Jenny from City Dance Parties…

We have a huge range of styles to choose from, whether you want to sizzle with a sultry Salsa or Strictly-themed dance class or fancy stepping back in time for a Roaring 20s, 80s or 90s Masterclass. How about learning the moves from your favourite film – maybe a routine from Grease, Dirty Dancing or a Disney film. Or you could learn a new style of dancing and choose a Bollywood, Burlesque or Belly Dancing class, there really is something for absolutely everyone – the hardest step is choosing which class you want. There’s also the option for a bespoke masterclass if there’s a style you think the bride/birthday girl would really love! In the past we’ve run sessions with a Billy Elliot theme, an Elton John Masterclasses, even a Magic Mike-inspired dance class.

Hen Party Ideas | Dance Class | Make Your Own Dance Routines

We aim to make our dance sessions relaxed, fun and confidence-building experiences that are suitable for ALL ages and abilities (we mean it….we’ve run a Beyonce dance class for a 70th birthday before!), and is guaranteed to get everyone having a giggle and building some special memories altogether.

Turn Alexander House into your very own personal dance studio

“As you’ll be staying at Alexander House, it’ll be in a lovely relaxed setting, with gorgeous scenery, and you can even pour yourself a glass of bubbly or a G&T during the break – perfect for anyone needing a bit of Dutch courage to get their dancing shoes on! To add to the fun, longer sessions include a prize of a bottle of champagne for whoever is judged to be the best dancer or, if yours is a hen party, given to the bride-to-be as part of the hen party gift bag she’ll receive at the end of the class.

Hen Party Ideas | Dance Class | Make Your Own Dance Routines

“City Dance Parties is all about creating the best experiences possible. We have a 5-star rating on TrustPilot, Facebook and Google Reviews for our classes.

Not only that, we recently won the British Wedding Award for ‘Best Hen and Stag Provider’.

Wow, we’re so excited to welcome City Dance Parties to Alexander House – their fun dance sessions are going to make weekends away go with an even bigger swing. So get booking and don’t forget to pack your dancing shoes!

25 Jan 2019
Hen Do Ideas | Turkish Food Masterclass Perthshire

Enjoy some Turkish delights – introducing our Food Masterclass

Sam’s inspiration for our Turkish Masterclass…

Many of my earliest and fondest memories are of my grandparents. My Nan was Irish and my Dede (grandad) was Turkish. Dede owned a kebab shop called The King Kebab House and I always looked forward to visiting with my mum and twin sister. I’d become absorbed watching the chef working, from his speedy slicing of red cabbage to the preparation of one of my absolute favourite dishes, shish kebab. If we were well behaved, my sister and I would be given a rum baba to share as a treat – a bit like a doughnut, its hole is filled with cream and covered in a gloriously sweet and sticky syrup. They are wonderful memories.

Hen Do Ideas | Turkish Food Masterclass Perthshire

I grew up, not surprisingly, eating an eclectic combination of English and Turkish food and I’m sure that my mixed cultural heritage gave me my love of food and cooking. Whilst I’ve yet to try making rum baba, dolmas is a family staple that is readily devoured. Variants of these delicious stuffed vine leaves can be found throughout the Mediterranean, Central Asia and the Middle East. The word dolmas itself can be traced back to the pre-Ottoman period and the Persian variety of dolmas dates back to at least the 17th century.

Best prepared and cooked the day before, dolmas improve when they’re given time to  absorb all the lovely flavours they are packed with. I tend to warm them up and serve with bulgar wheat and a dollop of natural yoghurt, but they can also be eaten cold. The beauty of Turkish food is that it’s best made in large quantities – perfect whether you’re entertaining or just feeding the family – so one cooking session can provide several meals and very tasty leftovers!

Make Dolmas | Hen Do Ideas | Turkish Food Masterclass Perthshire


Try your hand at making some wonderful Turkish dishes

Many of us spend time flicking through recipe books and watching food programmes for inspirational dishes to try. That’s one way of finding new recipes, but how about taking part in our food masterclass instead! It’s an idea that came out of wanting to share with others my own foodie experiences and all those fond memories that make me feel so happy. It’s a happy feeling that seems to rub off on the people I’m cooking with, and that has to be a good thing!

Hen Do Ideas | Turkish Food Masterclass Perthshire

Hen Do Ideas | Turkish Food Masterclass Perthshire

During the class, you’ll learn how to master three classic Turkish dishes – dolmas, Turkish chicken soup and baclava. Plus, I’ll teach you how to make Turkish coffee, the perfect accompaniment to a rich, sweet dessert such as baclava. Take your new knowledge home with you and spread a little Turkish delight amongst your family and friends.

Make Baclava | Hen Do Ideas | Turkish Food Masterclass Perthshire

Choose a fully-catered cookery weekend or book a cooking day as part of a longer stay, we’d love you to join us!

Make Turkish Coffee | Hen Do Ideas | Turkish Food Masterclass Perthshire

27 Sep 2018
Hen Do Ideas - Fully Catered Activity Weekend | Near Gleneagles Perthshire

Hen-do heaven – enjoy a fully catered activity weekend

Your long-awaited Hen Weekend has arrived, your bag is packed and all that’s left to do is to get yourself to Alexander House – it couldn’t be simpler!

Host Sam will be there to organise everything, from all of the catering to every activity you’re planning to try. Isn’t that bliss compared to having had to spend months pulling together a weekend itinerary and then worrying the entire time that something will go wrong or you may have forgotten one vital thing?

Time to let your hair down

The fun starts from the moment you arrive at Alexander House. We will be ready to welcome you with a few glasses of perfectly chilled fizz. Check out the amazing views Alexander House has to offer, settle into your rooms and then head to the kitchen for a relaxed buffet supper based around your choice of Turkish mezze, Italian or Indian food. There’s no cooking, no clearing away, we take care of it all! Once dinner is over you can feel right at home, playing your favourite music or maybe a few games to get the party started before turning in for a good night’s sleep.

The adventure starts here

We’re not running a boot camp, so breakfast is served from the civilized time of 9.30am. Setting you up nicely for the day ahead you can enjoy a few hours chilling, maybe take a dip in the outdoor pool or soak in the hot tub, before the activities start.

On the activities front the world – well, Alexander House and the fabulous Scottish surrounds – is your oyster! The choices are endless, with plenty to do either onsite or nearby. Try white water rafting, kayaking, river duckies, take aim with clay pigeon shooting or archery, or learn bushcraft skills. You provide the transport and we’ll send you off with a delicious picnic to enjoy while you’re offsite.

Perthshire Hen Do Ideas - Spalsh White Water Rafting


Returning to Alexander House late afternoon, we’ll have a scrumptious homemade cake ready to enjoy with tea or coffee and you’ll have plenty of time to dress up for the evening, so don’t forget to pack your little black dress and sparkly shoes. Pre-dinner canapés are served in the Drawing Room, which is the perfect setting for selfies and group photos – especially if you’ve chosen the option to have a Murder Mystery Dinner and everyone is dressed in fabulous costumes!

Dinner is served

Hen Do Ideas - Fully Catered Activity Weekend | Near Gleneagles Perthshire

You then enjoy a three-course dinner served promptly at 8pm in the Dining Hall. Food menus are tailored for your stay and prepared freshly onsite.

Hen Do Ideas - Fully Catered Activity Weekend | Near Gleneagles Perthshire

Hen Do Ideas - Fully Catered Activity Weekend | Near Gleneagles Perthshire

Hen Do Ideas - Fully Catered Activity Weekend | Near Gleneagles Perthshire

After dinner, settle down in the Drawing Room for teas, coffees and a selection of petits fours – also the Murder Mysteries final cut will have played out and the question of whodunnit will be revealed!

Hen Do Ideas - Fully Catered Activity Weekend | Near Gleneagles Perthshire

Now it’s time to fall into bed…


And so to Sunday. Why not simply cosy up in your complimentary white fluffy dressing gowns and head down for a late morning brunch served in the kitchen. With no need to rush off just yet, turn on the tunes and chillax. With snacks and all food provided there’ll be plenty of leftovers to tuck into if you’re feeling peckish. Don’t forget to grab those last-minute selfies or group shots and enjoy a farewell glass of bubbly before leaving around 4pm.

As one of our recent Hen parties described their catered stay at Alexander House, it’s like having a special Hen fairy who is always there to make sure the entire weekend is a magical time!

Fancy being totally spoiled?

Book a fully catered weekend for your hen party and let us do all the hard work. For more details or to make a booking at Alexander House call us on 01764 680205 or check our website for more details.

03 Aug 2018
Hen Do Ideas - DIY Spa Weekend

Hen Do Ideas: Pampered hens are happy hens – treat yourself to a DIY Spa!

Finally, your Hen weekend at Alexander House, the weekend you’ve been planning for so long, is about to happen! All that’s left to do is to pack a bag, get yourselves here and enjoy your stay. Relax, have fun, celebrate your friends and particularly the bride-to-be. At Alexander House you can forget the normal 9-to-5, unwind in the hot tub, take a dip in the pool, feast your eyes on the magnificent surrounding scenery, have another glass of bubbly, and probably never want to leave!

Hen Do Ideas - DIY Spa Weekend

Make Alexander House your personal spa

Hen weekends are all about indulgence. And what could be better than a little bit of pampering! The DIY Spa at Alexander House is perfect for hens who want to make their weekend even more special. Book a pamper hamper and we’ll have a fantastic hamper of goodies ready and waiting for you to discover and try. The hamper includes everything you need for an indulgent beauty experience – such as mini facials and hand, nail and foot treatments – and all products are salon quality. It takes about three hours to use all the treatments, so cosy up in your complimentary fluffy gowns, put on some chill-out music and indulge. Switching off phones is highly recommended – albeit there will be a few good selfie moments, just don’t spoil your nails!

Hen Do Ideas - DIY Spa Weekend

Hen Party Themes

If your hen weekend has a theme and you want to extend that to the DIY spa, just let us know. We’ve had all sorts of requests, from beach babes to Hawaiian goddess, and can tailor the contents of your pamper hamper accordingly. The pamper hamper is available for groups of 15 or more.

Fancy being pampered?

For more details or to make a booking at Alexander House, call us on 01764 680205 or check availability now.

10 Nov 2017

Make your Hen Do a Pool Party!

Pool parties are a great idea for Hen parties, which makes Alexander House the ideal venue!

Stay with us for the weekend and you have full use of our heated pool. Should the weather decide to be unkind you can still have plenty of fun under the retractable glass cover.

Hen Party Ideas | Pool Party | Inflatables

Float to your hearts content…

Don’t forget to plan your party theme and prepare ahead. We find that inflatables are a must for any discerning Hen pool party and ladies who love to lounge and float around with a cocktail in one hand. A trawl of the Internet is bound to throw up fun floats to suit your theme – from pineapples and donuts to swans and unicorns.

No party is complete without some tunes!

Put together a great playlist of girlie favourites – maybe ask each guest to choose songs that have relevance to her relationship with the Hen, you’ll end up with a fabulous and eclectic mix of music. Props for photo opportunities are also a good idea – now is not the time to wear your Prada sunglasses, go crazy with fun glasses and top off with flower crowns for everyone. You’ll be in and out of the pool, so personalised robes are a really nice touch. Tie them into your theme by choosing an appropriate colour or get personalised ones with your names or pool party ‘persona’?!

Planning to give everyone a keepsake from the Hen do? Forget paper bags, send them off with a child’s beach bucket full of goodies.:-)

Need ideas for your pool party theme?

How about one of these:

Go Moroccan
A great idea if your Hen loves to travel and makes for a very stylish look. Jazz up the pool area with rugs and scatter cushions and have metal lanterns ready for nightfall.

White Out
The celebs love white parties, so how can you possibly go wrong! Make all of your accessories white, get the girls to dress in white – it’ll be très sophistiqué!

Hot like Hawaii
Dress up in grass skirts and leis, put flowers in your hair, inflatable palm trees around the poolside and plan some cool cocktails.

Beach Club
Put up the sun umbrellas, fire up the barbie, fill the pool with beach balls, make sure you have the Beach Boys playing on a loop.

Bond Girls
Dress as glam as you can for in the pool and on the terrace, serve Martinis – shaken not stirred!

Why not check out our Hen Pool Party Pinterest Board for some accessories and theming ideas!

Ready to book your Hen pool party at Alexander House? Check out our availability or for more details give us a call on 01764 680205.



08 Jul 2017
Mobile Wedding Prosecco & Gin Bar

Wedding Drinks – A Little Ginspiration!

A whole new meaning to ‘Pimping your Prosecco’

‘Pimping your Prosecco’ is a concept that has been around for a while, especially at weddings and special events, it looks great, tastes great and adds a fun DIY element. Although we still love a simple glass of Prosecco straight up, the ever-increasing options of things to add to your glass of bubbles is just to tempting to resist.

Where do you start?

Simply with fruit and garnishes, edible glitter and flowers or go all out with crazy colour, bursting bubbles and moving swirls from Popaball.

We have to say that by far our favourite option, and we think all our fellow ginthusiasts will agree, is the growing selection of fruity and floral infused gins which when combined with our other favouirte (of course!), Prosecco, make some fab wedding day cocktails. ENJOY!

Mobile Wedding Prosecco & Gin Bar | Tipple in a TukTuk

Here are Tipple in a Tuk Tuk’s Top 5 Gin & Prosecco Wedding Cocktail Ideas to raise your tipple to the next level…

1. The Gin Bothy – Strawberry infused liqueur

Summer in a glass, made with fresh Angus and Perthshire berries in the award winning Gin Bothy. Simply pour 15ml of strawberry gin into a flute; top up with Prosecco; finish with a strawberry slice and a couple of mint leaves.

Wedding Drinks | Gin Cocktails | Gin Bothy Strawberry & Prosecco

2. Strathearn Heather Rose

Turn your Prosecco to a delicate blush pink with a shot of Strathearn’s Heather Rose Gin and just for fun float a couple of rose petals or raspberries on the top.

Wedding Drinks | Gin Cocktails | Strathearn Heather Rose Gin & Prosecco

3. Boë – Peach & Hibiscus Gin Liqueur

For an exotic touch to your cocktail set up, try the tongue tingling Boë Bellini – a shot of Boë Peach & Hibiscus gin liqueur topped with Prosecco, and garnish with a peach slice.

Wedding Drinks | Gin Cocktails | Boë Peach & Hibiscus & Prosecco

4. Solway Spirits – Raspberry Ripple Gin Liqueur

A true micro distillery, producing only 50 bottles a batch – this Raspberry Ripple Gin is the perfect addition to your glass of fizz, and add a whole raspberry to finish this off.

Wedding Drinks | Gin Cocktails | Solway Spirits Raspberry Ripple Gin Liqueur & Prosecco

5. Edinburgh Gin – Elderflower Liqueur

Made from freshly picked elderflowers Edinburgh Gin’s Elderflower liqueur goes beautifully in a glass of Prosecco, with a slice of cucumber or green apple to garnish.

Wedding Drinks | Gin Cocktails | Edinburgh Gin Elderflower Liqueur & Prosecco

We hope you like Tipple in a TukTuk’s Gincredible Top 5. We do at AH and plan to road test a few of these ourselves very soon! 🙂

PS If you love Gin don’t forget we offer Gin Tasting Experiences here at AH and it’s a great idea for your Hen Do too!

Mobile Wedding Prosecco & Gin Bar












31 May 2017

Perthshire Hen Do Ideas – Gin Tasting

This activity idea is incredibly popular with our AH guests and the great team at Strathearn Distillery create a fun and interactive Gin Tasting Experience. Perfect for Hen Do weekends and also those big birthday celebrations too!

Gin Tasting Experience | Perthshire Hen Do Ideas

Strathearn Distillery, near the village of Methven in Perthshire, is probably Scotland’s smallest distillery. The great team there produce a range of spirits including hand-crafted, artisan single cask, single malt whisky by using traditional methods and ideas. They also distil a range of premium gins which are now widely marketed across Scotland and beyond.

Learn how gin is made…

The Gin Tasting Experience starts with some background on gin and how it is made with various botanicals to give each one it’s unique flavour and aromas.

Gin Tasting Experience | Perthshire Hen Do Ideas

Gin Tasting Experience | Perthshire Hen Do Ideas

Then you get to sample the gins themselves!

You will try various gins with different tonics and garnishes like juniper berries, cucumber, mint, lemon, lime or orange slices  – to create a surprisingly different end drinks.

Which one will be your favourite?

This is the really fun bit! Then rate your gins to find your personal favourite. 🙂 Only one can be hard to choose!!

Gin Tasting Experience | Perthshire Hen Do IdeasGin Tasting Experience | Perthshire Hen Do Ideas

Gin Tasting Session = £65 per person

3 hours of gin knowledge, gin tasting, with what remains of the Strathearn Distillery gins are left with you to enjoy later in the day! (min 8, max 21 guests)


Gin Tasting Experience | Perthshire Hen Do Ideas










07 Apr 2017
Perthshire Hen Do Offer - Spalsh Rafting Perthshire

Perthshire Hen Do Ideas – With a Splash!

A guest blog post from Robb at Team Splash

What a fantastic place to have your hen do / hen party weekend. We love recommending Alexander House to our Hen Do clients. Why? Because we know them, we know the staff and we know the passion they have for their customers, they are local and not to mention that Alexander House really does have everything a hen party could possibly want or need!

FYI, I am a rough rugged outdoors loving male so I just had to check with my wife before continuing, and she confirmed with an excited nod and a smile that luxurious fluffy dressing gowns, butler poured Prosecco, relaxing, rejuvenating facials, a lavish bubbling hot tub and a personal swimming pool, is indeed the sort of thing she would want on a hen do. She gave me the thumbs up, she smiled and hinted that she needs some Alexander House level pampering in her life. Hint taken.:-)

Now these are just some of the fantastic options provided by Alexander House, however they have also teamed up with excellent local providers like ourselves and others to offer you many more options, allowing you to really tailor your hen do to your hen’s desires and needs.

All you need to bring is that party vibe (I’m sure you will!) and you are guaranteed to have the best hen party ever, as the hen or as one of the group.

Perthshire Hen Do Ideas - Spalsh White Water Rafting

We at Splash White Water Rafting offer the Yin to Alexander Houses Yang, we are the outdoors adrenaline to balance the relaxation and pampering. We offer a range of adrenaline fueled activities from white water rafting, white water bugs (small one person rafts – great fun), paintball, abseiling, climbing, canyoning and more. Have a look at the videos below to get a feel for what we do.

Perthshire Hen Do Ideas - Spalsh White Water Rafting

What could be better than waking up to a full cooked breakfast after a night of hot tub and Prosecco and to know that you and the girls have an excellent day of white water rafting ahead! Nothing could be better, let me assure you! 🙂

Perthshire Hen Do Ideas - Spalsh White Water Rafting


We have teamed up with Alexander House and we will offer any hen group who books up for some of our excellent activities, that  the hen will go free!

Be it a half day or a full day of activities with rafting and canyoning or rafting and paintball or climbing and bugs – the hen will go free. Just quote “Alexander House “ when you’re making the booking.

Perthshire Hen Do Offer - Spalsh Rafting PerthshireFree activities for the Hen – awesomeness!



Thanks for reading and whatever you chose have the most excellent of hen dos.

Happy Hen Dos!
From Team Splash

To book your adventures with Splash White Water rafting, call our office on 01887 829706 9am – 9pm, 7 days a week or email: [email protected]

Our activities

Rafting the River Tummel

Rafting the River Tay

River Bugs