Terms & Conditions – Catered Holidays

Please note: We strongly advise you to take out suitable travel insurance for the type of holiday you are booking with us, to cover your holiday cost should you need to cancel for reasons outside of our control e.g illness that prevents you from travelling, extreme weather conditions, etc.

1. The Contract

1.1 Your contract is with us, Alexander House Rentals Limited (Registered Number 7715277 )

1.2 In these terms, “The Client” is the person who has made arrangements with Alexander House as the principle contact or party leader and is named on the Booking Form and Confirmation.

2. The Reservation Process

2.1 We may agree to you making a provisional booking with us, but this is not legally binding on either you or us unless and until a contract is entered into and signed by both parties, thereby confirming any provisional booking. A provisional booking can be held up to 48 hours, after which it will be cancelled if we have not received payment (in part or full).

2.2 A deposit of 33% is required to secure the booking and is not refundable if you subsequently cancel a confirmed booking. Payments can be made in by bank transfer, Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Paypal payments.  Your balance falls due 65 days prior to your arrival at the property.  A minimum number of guests is required at the property, and if the number drops below this figure, your party is still liable for the balance of 16 catered guests.

2.3 Alexander House reserves the right to refuse or cancel a confirmed booking if it is deemed that the accommodation might not be suitable for the intended stay. In this event we regret to say that the deposit will be non-refundable.

2.4 As soon as your confirmation is received please check the details carefully, if anything is incorrect please inform us immediately.  However, we regret we cannot accept liability if we are not notified of any inaccuracy in the documentation.

2.5 Late payments will be charged an administration fee.

3. Security Deposits

3.1 A Security Deposit of £750 is required to cover the costs resulting from the action or inaction of a Client or a member of their party for Alexander House main house, and £500 for Bell Tents for weddings. The Security Deposit is returned within 14 days of your departure from the property unless any costs incurred. A security deposit is no longer required for the Yurts, we ask guests to advise us of damages and breakages, and pay for these, prior to their departure.

3.2  In the event that the cost of rectification for losses or damage caused by the Client or member of their party exceeds the security deposit held then the Client will be notified of any additional amount owing.

4. Cancellations

4.1 Where cancellation notice is received after the deposit has been paid and before the final balance if due, the Client is still liable to pay the final balance on the due date, unless Alexander House have successfully re-sold the holiday dates.

4.2 If Alexander House is unable to sell any part of the cancelled period then all monies paid will be forfeit.

4.3 It is extremely unlikely that Alexander House will cancel a confirmed booking, however in this event Alexander House reserves the right to cancel a booking and the client will be informed as soon as possible, and we will offer to swap your dates to an alternative available date, or offer you a full refund if no suitable alternative date can be found.

4.4 If you or any member of your party cannot get to us due to bad weather, and therefore cancel your booking with us, we cannot change or refund, your booking.

5. Use of Property and Your Responsibilities

5.1 Party size – There are limits on the maximum number of guests that can be at Alexander House and the number of guests on the property much not exceed this limit unless otherwise agreed with the owner. Our property has external CCTV cameras and if footage shows more guests have entered the property than the maximum number allowed then a charge will be deducted from the Security Deposit or the Client may be asked to vacate the property immediately.  The maximum number of persons to be in the property at any time is 21 named individuals, unless booking our yurts with the main house, in which case the maximum number to be in the property is 25 named individuals, of which only 21 are to sleep in the property, or 22 if the extra bed is requested, with the remainder 4 in the annexe. A further 2 guests per yurt may stay at Alexander House.

5.2 Alexander House does not accept stag parties and we reserve the right to refuse admission to the property or to ask the client to vacate the property with immediate effect if the Client fails to adhere to this condition.

5.3 We accept up to four well behaved dogs at Alexander House, and no other pets. Dogs must not be allowed upstairs in the main property, or on the soft furnishings. You must pick up all dog poo promptly.

5.4 Alexander House is in a rural area and has a septic tank. If anything other than toilet paper is flushed down any w.c in the house and causes blockage this will result in a deduction taken from the Security Deposit.

5.5 The Client is legally obliged to take all reasonable and proper care of the property and around the property and shall leave Alexander House in the same state at the end of the rental period as found at the beginning.

5.6 Should there be a power cut you will need to vacate the property. All heat, water and light is power dependent. Please DO NOT turn taps on during a power cut, as the water does not work, and when the power comes back on and so does the water, you may cause basins and baths to overflow and cause damage which you will be liable for.

5.7 The Client is legally obliged to ensure that they do not cause nuisance to neighbours and keep noise to a minimum after 11pm.

5.8 No motorhomes, campervans, caravans or tents are to be pitched at Alexander House under any circumstances. Electric cars are not to be hooked up to the Alexander House electricity supply, or any other battery operated item/bouncy castle or other outside entity, without specific written prior agreement from the owner.

5.9 Food provided to the Client is provided by Alexander House Rentals Limited which agrees to prepare, deliver, and serve food products at the area and time mutually agreed upon.

Alexander House Rentals shall supply its own staff and food preparation/service equipment.

Alexander House Rentals Limited agrees to use only the freshest and highest quality ingredients, meeting or exceeding industry standards in prepared food products that are to be provided under the terms of this Agreement.

For serving, foods will be served at the appropriate temperatures as follows:

  • “Hot” foods at an internal temperature of no less than 140° F;
  • “Cold” foods at an internal temperature of no greater than 40° F; - “Frozen” foods at an internal temperature of no greater than 0°F.

A detailed list of all foods and products used will be provided at the time of serving.

7 days notice is required of all dietary requirements, and allergies.

**Separate Terms and Conditions apply to wedding and self catered bookings at Alexander House and can be found in the weddings and catered holidays section of our website.**