There is something utterly magical about cooking on an open fire, the wood smoke, the feeling of being one with nature, and of taking things back a step, to a slightly less hectic and more peaceful time.  🙂

Put away that mobile phone (except to take photos of course, of your marvelous fire, and amazing creations!), and step back into that era where things were just done a bit slower, and food was a real joy to cook… after all, it would have been a hard won commodity.

So, lets start with building that fire pit to get cooking on!

And if you haven’t got the space, or don’t want a fire pit in the garden at home, a portable fire pit is a magical invention.  We use them all the time for my Scout camps. There are loads of options available to choose from like the portable La Hacienda Camping Fire Pit stocked by The Range shown below.

Or larger fire pits that can be a permanent fire pit in your garden, like this Garden Trading one…

How to build a simple earth-based Fire Pit

1.    Cut a rough circle out of your turf, or border, wherever you are siting the fire pit (remember, fire goes up a long way, and wind can take it a long way sideways by a fair distance too, so keep a fire pit well away from anything that you don’t want to set fire to!  (I recommend at least a 5m circumference outside of the fire pit for safety).

If you want to cover over where your fire has been, set aside the turf that you have just cut out, for laying back in place once you are done, it will take again surprisingly quickly!

2.    Once this is done, seek out flat edged stones, or some old reclaimed bricks to create your edging.  You can concrete these in or simply leave them loose.

3.    Pop a shallow layer of gravel in the pit (if you’ve got some), and you’re ready to go…..

4.    Pop some logs around the outside for seating if you have any, if not bring yourselves out a couple of garden chairs to relax in!

How to Make an Earth Based Fire Pit | Campfire Cooking | Glamping Perthshire