You can just about cook anything on a campfire and one of our AH favourites is the simple flat bread! A staple meal accompaniment and tasty into the bargain…


1 mug of plain flour if you only have self raising that will work fine, it’ll just puff up a little bit
A pinch of salt
1/2 – 1 tablespoon
Enough cold or warm water to turn the mix into a dough


  1. Pop all the dry ingredients in a large bowl or large ziploc bag. Pour in the oil then add the water slowly, stirring the bowl or massaging the bag as you go.
  2. When you have something that looks approximately dough-like, tip out onto a lightly floured board or table and roll or press into as evenly thin as possible. If it looks too wet and is sticking to everything, add more flour. If it is dry and crumbly, pop back in the bowl or bag and add a bit more water at a time until it looks smooth.
  3. Squish the bread into flatbreads with your hands (who needs a rolling pin when you’ve got palms?!) 🙂 Any shape is fine, as long as it is thin and flat. If it looks like a flat pineapple that’s cool, if it just looks like a misshapen flat thing, that is also fine, it will taste great either way!
  4. Heat up a skillet or frying pan on the fire or gas stove and add a little dash of oil. You don’t really want a lot of oil in there, just enough to stop the bread from sticking.
  5. Cook each flatbread for a couple minutes, until the dough puffs up with fat bubbles and the bottom looks golden brown in places. Flip over and cook the other side.
  6. Spread with chocolate spread, jam, honey, maple syrup or just about anything that you want really…. or pop it back in the pan when you’ve half cooked the second side, and add some tomato puree with grated cheese, pop a lid on the pan, find a cooler spot on the fire, and make pan pizza as the cheese melts. OK, so it won’t be browned, but it will taste amazing!