22 Mar 2019

Alexander House – exploring the local area

We are incredibly lucky to be surrounded by beautiful landscapes where you can enjoy getting back to nature. But we’re also just a stone’s throw from a plethora of things to do and see. So how might you fill your time during your visit to Alexander House?

Enjoy some retail therapy in Auchterarder

Auchterarder is a charming little town nestled in the quite spectacular Perthshire countryside, with the Ochil Hills visible to the south. Just an hour’s journey from Edinburgh, Glasgow and Dundee, the town is accessible from all directions. You may also be aware that Auchterarder is home to Gleneagles, the world-famous hotel and golf course, which is obviously a big attraction.

Auchterarder’s bustling and thriving high street is one of the longest in Scotland, at just over a mile long – for that reason, Auchterarder is fondly known as ‘The Lang Toun’ (long town). It’s also incredibly friendly and there is a wonderful sense of community, where people greet visitors with welcoming smiles. Visit a few times and you’ll soon be on first name terms.

Unlike many high streets, Auchterarder is full of independent shops, run by owners with genuine passion, and variety is what makes the town so interesting. From fashion to tweed jackets and bespoke tailoring, sweet shops to traditional gifts, you’ll find all sorts to buy.

If you fancy eating out you’ll be spoilt for choice. Chocoholics will love the Chocolate Galley, where you can buy handmade chocolates and even book yourself into a chocolate-making workshop. If you’re looking for coffee and cake or a fine dining experience, Max & Ben’s Bistro, Jon & Fernanda’s, Café Kisa, Delivino and The Strathearn are just a few places worth mentioning.

Worried you’ll pile on the pounds during your stay? From Alexander House, Auchterarder is a three-mile walk and a very beautiful one at that – you won’t be disappointed, so make sure you bring your walking boots.

Enjoy an outdoor adventure

Not surprisingly, we’re spoilt for choice when it comes to outdoor activities, so here are just a few examples:

The award-winning Phoenix Falconry boasts a collection of over 60 falcons, hawks, eagles and owls. Under expert guidance you can enjoy the experience of flying and handling these amazing birds.

Pheonix Falconry | Things to Do from Alexander House Auchterarder

The Willowgate Activity Centre, based on the River Tay and just outside Perth, offers a wide range of land- and water-based activities, from archery to kayaking – there is no chance of being bored here! 🙂

Willowgate Activity Centre | Things to Do from Alexander House Auchterarder

If you fancy racking up some miles on two wheels, Scotland is a great choice. Make sure you don’t just stare at the tarmac, the views will take your breath away if the hills haven’t already. Do pop in to Synergy Cycles in Auchterarder for all things cycling related.

Gleneagles might be the ultimate golf course, but if you’re not up to Ryder Cup standard you’ll find other courses nearby that are suitable for all abilities.

If magnificent gardens are more your thing, then a visit to Drummond Castle Gardens will be a must. These formal gardens, with incredible topiary, are amongst the very finest in Europe.

Drummond Gardens | Things to Do from Alexander House Auchterarder

And after all that…

Relax at Alexander House, enjoy the heated swimming pool, hot tub and games room. Treat yourself to some pampering and book a personal beauty treatment. Life doesn’t get much better than this!

Now all you need to do is decide when you’re coming! We’ll look forward to meeting you soon.

14 Feb 2019
Small and intimate wedding venue near Gleneagles, Perthshire | Alexander House

Are you planning to get engaged in 2019?

So we’re into a fresh new year and with it brings a sense of anticipation. Many of us will have made New Year resolutions, giving ourselves goals and targets to work toward. It’s also a time for making new commitments and asking ‘will you marry me?’, a question asked all over the world as the clock struck midnight. Indeed, Christmas and new year are the most popular times of the year when couples get engaged.

Is it something you’re thinking of but didn’t feel like the time was quite right?

There are bound to be plenty of opportunities throughout the year, and sometimes it’s even more special if it’s a moment in time that has significant meaning to you and your beloved – and all the more romantic the more personal you can make it.

Yurt with Private Deck with Hot Tub - Cheers!

Your engagement will become part of your story as a couple, a chapter that friends will want to hear about and one day, perhaps, your children. So isn’t it right that you think carefully about the where and when?

Perhaps it will be on the anniversary of your first date, that magical first kiss, the day you first professed your love for each other. Maybe you’ll want to return to the first restaurant you visited together or whisk your loved one off to the one place in the world they’ve always wanted to visit.

Propose as you watch a beautiful sunset

Now you can’t get more romantic than that! We may not be able to offer a tropical paradise, but at Alexander House we can promise the most memorable sunsets you can imagine. It’s one of our favourite views and it literally feels like the sky is painting a picture for you.

Small and intimate wedding venue near Gleneagles, Perthshire | Alexander House

There is something rather awe-inspiring and inspirational about watching a sunset, it reminds you just how wonderful the world actually is and will intensify the desire you have to share the rest of your life with the person sat beside you – that question you want to ask will happen naturally.

Do it in style!

Get even more romantic and stay in one of our cosy yurts – choose Bramble or Heather and enjoy the luxury of ensuite facilities and wood burner. Sip champagne in a hot tub made for two as night falls and simply pick your moment – if you are lucky enough to see the Aurora Borealis, then your proposal couldn’t get much better.


Wood-Fired Hot Tub | Luxury Yurt Glamping in Scotland

Yurts in the Snow - Winter Glamping in Scotland with Wood-Fired Hot Tub Views!

Or go big and invite all your besties

You could add an extra dimension to your proposal by having all your mates with you. Stay in Alexander House and you can invite up to 19 friends to witness your special moment (or at least report back after sneaking away to propose in private) and celebrate in style – why wait when you can have an engagement party then and there!

We think either option sounds like a good story to be able to tell in the future!

Sunset at Alexander House | Glamping & Self Catering Holiday House near Gleneagles



25 Jan 2019
Hen Do Ideas | Turkish Food Masterclass Perthshire

Enjoy some Turkish delights – introducing our Food Masterclass

Sam’s inspiration for our Turkish Masterclass…

Many of my earliest and fondest memories are of my grandparents. My Nan was Irish and my Dede (grandad) was Turkish. Dede owned a kebab shop called The King Kebab House and I always looked forward to visiting with my mum and twin sister. I’d become absorbed watching the chef working, from his speedy slicing of red cabbage to the preparation of one of my absolute favourite dishes, shish kebab. If we were well behaved, my sister and I would be given a rum baba to share as a treat – a bit like a doughnut, its hole is filled with cream and covered in a gloriously sweet and sticky syrup. They are wonderful memories.

Hen Do Ideas | Turkish Food Masterclass Perthshire

I grew up, not surprisingly, eating an eclectic combination of English and Turkish food and I’m sure that my mixed cultural heritage gave me my love of food and cooking. Whilst I’ve yet to try making rum baba, dolmas is a family staple that is readily devoured. Variants of these delicious stuffed vine leaves can be found throughout the Mediterranean, Central Asia and the Middle East. The word dolmas itself can be traced back to the pre-Ottoman period and the Persian variety of dolmas dates back to at least the 17th century.

Best prepared and cooked the day before, dolmas improve when they’re given time to  absorb all the lovely flavours they are packed with. I tend to warm them up and serve with bulgar wheat and a dollop of natural yoghurt, but they can also be eaten cold. The beauty of Turkish food is that it’s best made in large quantities – perfect whether you’re entertaining or just feeding the family – so one cooking session can provide several meals and very tasty leftovers!

Make Dolmas | Hen Do Ideas | Turkish Food Masterclass Perthshire


Try your hand at making some wonderful Turkish dishes

Many of us spend time flicking through recipe books and watching food programmes for inspirational dishes to try. That’s one way of finding new recipes, but how about taking part in our food masterclass instead! It’s an idea that came out of wanting to share with others my own foodie experiences and all those fond memories that make me feel so happy. It’s a happy feeling that seems to rub off on the people I’m cooking with, and that has to be a good thing!

Hen Do Ideas | Turkish Food Masterclass Perthshire

Hen Do Ideas | Turkish Food Masterclass Perthshire

During the class, you’ll learn how to master three classic Turkish dishes – dolmas, Turkish chicken soup and baclava. Plus, I’ll teach you how to make Turkish coffee, the perfect accompaniment to a rich, sweet dessert such as baclava. Take your new knowledge home with you and spread a little Turkish delight amongst your family and friends.

Make Baclava | Hen Do Ideas | Turkish Food Masterclass Perthshire

Choose a fully-catered cookery weekend or book a cooking day as part of a longer stay, we’d love you to join us!

Make Turkish Coffee | Hen Do Ideas | Turkish Food Masterclass Perthshire

23 Jan 2019

The Ochil Hills are right on our doorstep – perfect for an outdoor adventure, even in the snow

We are so lucky to be surrounded by the most wonderful countryside and we’d encourage anyone to head for the Ochil Hills at least once during a visit to the area. Stretching an impressive 25 miles from Stirling to the Forth of Fay, the Ochils feature numerous peaks, the highest of which – Ben Cleuch – measures an impressive 721 metres. The hills are great for an invigorating walk at any time of year and possibly even more fun when it snows – and inevitably there will be snow!

Winter Activities - Snow Shoeing Ochils Perthshire

It’s a great opportunity to discover a winter sport – snowshoeing

Why stay in and suffer from cabin fever when you can get out in the elements for an invigorating walk. Wellies really aren’t going to work, but strap on a pair of snowshoes and you’re set for an invigorating walk. Not only will you be exercising, you’ll be rewarded by the most spectacular views.

Snowshoeing is a great way to keep in shape when the white stuff puts in an appearance, especially if you’ve been forced to temporarily hang up your hiking boots or running shoes. It’s evolved from a necessary method of getting from A to B in snowy conditions over many centuries past to a recreational activity that is growing in popularity – via, of course, the comic-book image of shuffling along on tennis racquets!

The great thing about snowshoeing is that it is such an accessible sport, a really good form of low-impact aerobic exercise, low risk in terms of injury, and suitable for all ages. It’s easy to learn, with just a few basic techniques to master, and far more affordable than other winter sports such as skiing or snowboarding. Newbies to the sport should try relatively short hikes, 15 minutes one way before returning, just to get used to the amount of energy it takes. Get used to walking up and down hills in your snowshoes and how to use your walking poles, and the Ochil Hills will feel like a winter paradise to explore.

Winter Activities - Snow Shoeing Ochils Perthshire

Fancy giving snowshoeing a go?

It’s really easy to get started. You’ll need:

• a pair of snowshoes (there are various types on the market, so do your research)
• warm, waterproof and well-fitting boots
• walking poles
• layers of clothing that can be removed or added as need be and suitable for cold and wet conditions
• waterproof socks
• hat and gloves

If you’re planning a longer hike or are going off the beaten track, you should also think safety and carry basic essentials in a backpack – headlamp, sun cream, first aid kit, knife, matches, shelter, food, water, extra clothes, compass, GPS device.

And at the end of the day…

Head back to Alexander House, relax and warm up in the heated swimming pool or hot tub. Treat yourself to some well-deserved ‘R and R’, indulge in a little pampering and book yourself a beauty treatment – life doesn’t get better than this. Now all you have to do is decide when you’re going to visit! We’ll look forward to meeting you soon.

Credits to:


07 Jan 2019
Large Holiday House Near Gleneagles | Winter Weekend Breaks | Sleeps 21

Winter Holidays in Scotland – embrace the elements!

The mornings are cold and crisp. The trees are bare and the landscape looks bleak when the rain falls. Night falls early. That nip in the air can turn into ferocious biting as light easterly winds give way to arctic gusts. When the sun shines it puts a smile on people’s faces, but it does little to raise the temperature. Winter is here.

The white stuff is inevitable!

It will snow, we can be sure of that. On average, we get around 38 days of snow here at AH. According to the Metoffice, over in the Cairngorms, this rises to 76 days of snow. Thermals, Parka jackets, wellie boots, hats, scarves, gloves and lots of layers become the mainstay of the Scottish winter wardrobe – colder temperatures demand lots of wrapping up even to go for a short walk to the village of Auchterarder.

A 4×4 vehicle is also an absolute must. Certainly, we wouldn’t be without ours at AH – getting up the long driveway would be impossible without it.

Large Holiday House Near Gleneagles | Winter Weekend Breaks | Sleeps 21

But the view as you approach the house on a snowy day is simply breathtaking – it’s definitely a camera moment!

From a light flurry to a thick and glistening blanket of white – the fluffy white stuff makes everything look truly magical. Even the bare trees sparkle when dusted with snow. It may not be the easiest of weather, but the desire to get outside will overcome the lowest temperatures.

Large Holiday House Near Gleneagles | Winter Weekend Breaks | Sleeps 21

Enjoy a bracing walk and feel invigorated by the fresh air. Take in the sight of the surrounding landscape dramatically and beautifully transformed. There is also plenty of fun to be had. Who can resist a snowball fight or an exhilarating afternoon of sledging – snow brings out the child in all of us!

Large Holiday House Near Gleneagles | Winter Weekend Breaks | Sleeps 21

Of course, a Scottish winter experience wouldn’t be complete without hot toddies, hot chocolate or something in front of a crackling fire. Sometimes, it’s the simplest things that make the most perfect days.

Large Holiday House Near Gleneagles | Winter Weekend Breaks | Sleeps 25Come and enjoy a wintery stay at Alexander House

It might be cold outside but we’ll give you a very warm welcome and you can enjoy a cosy stay. With enough rooms for 21 people, you could plan a fantastic weekend away with a whole bunch of your besties.

Just the two of you?

We’ve got it covered! Our glamping yurts are perfect, each with a king-size bed, wood burner, electric blankets (you’ll be just toasty) and ensuite bathroom – it’s glamping in very fine style indeed. Yurts Heather and Bramble are picture perfect in the snow. Anyone fancy a dip in the hot tub?!

Winter Glamping near Gleneagles | Hot Tub in the Snow

We hope to see you soon!

08 Dec 2018
Easy Campfire Stew Recipes | Campfire Cooking | Glamping in Scotland

Food & Fire: Fondue Chinoise – a good dish for this colder weather!

This has got to be one of the best open fire dishes ever.

Nothing goes to waste, and it is dead simple to set up, for both veggies, vegans, pescies and meaties alike. (Just don’t mix them all up, that would be bad for everyone except the meat eaters!)

If you have a tripod great – use it. And hang your Dutch Oven on it.

When you are making your fire for this recipe you need a neat tidy fire, not too spread wide, and with smaller wood, as everyone needs to be able to reach the middle of the fire without burning themselves (albeit with a good long stick!).

Good long sticks to cook your food on, with sharpened points.

If you don’t have a tripod and Dutch Oven don’t worry, you need a decent deep fire safe cooking pot.


Veggie and Vegan
500ml of good vegetable or bouillon per person
Selection of vegetable batons – carrots, courgette
Pak choy
Green beans
(Root vegetables don’t cook well on this – they need too long)
Slug of Mirin or rice wine (to add at the end)

Carnivores (amounts depend on how hungry you all are!)
500ml of good meat stock or bouillon per person
Strips of raw steak – ½ -1 sirloin or top rump steak per person
Strips of raw chicken (careful to cook this thoroughly) – ½ -1 chicken breast per person
Strips raw duck breast – ½ -1 chicken breast per person
Spinach (to add at the end) – 25g per person
Slug of sherry (to add at the end)

500ml of good fish stock per person
Raw prawns – 5-7 per person
Raw squid – 5-7 pieces per person
Raw fish chunks – 5-7 per person
Spinach (to add at the end) – 25g per person
Slug of rice wine (to add at the end)


  1. Put the stock into the pot and bring it to the boil on the open fire.
  2. With your long sticks, once the stock is boiling, cook your raw ingredients in the stock pot. All the amazing flavours from the cooking combine in your stock pot to make the most delicious soup.
  3. When you’ve cooked all your raw ingredients yourselves, then grab a slice of crusty bread, a bowl, and share out the soup from the saucepan or dutch oven, with a slug of rice wine or sherry added – it really is a taste revelation! 🙂
10 Nov 2018
Autumn at Alexander House | Holiday House near Gleneagles Perthshire

Reasons to visit AH – to enjoy our spectacular autumn colours in Perthshire

It’s that time of year again. We’ve waved goodbye to our summer visitors and the crisp sound of autumn leaves and the crackling of log fires now welcomes our winter visitors. Being located where we are means we really notice nature and all the changes happening. The chiffchaffs fill the air with song as they migrate, whilst swallows and house martins are only seen on the odd occasion as most have already left for warmer climes. Meanwhile, if you’re really lucky, you may spot one or two of our native bird species such as the Scottish crossbill, capercaillie and crested tit.

Meanwhile, lots of animals will be preparing to hibernate. But if the winter is mild, you may well still see hedgehogs well into November and December. The most obvious signs of autumn are trees and the wonderful palette of crimson, copper, orange, brown and gold that they display. The cooler weather and shorter days trigger trees to stop producing chlorophyll and other pigments, including carotenoid, bring about the beautiful change in colour. Perthshire at this time of year is a spectacular place to visit – dare we say it, it even rivals the Canadian Fall colours!

Here are a few of our favourite places to see autumn in its full glory..

Loch Faskally, which lies less than two miles from Pitlochry in Perth and Kinross, is a man-made reservoir. Built between 1947 and 1950, the dam incorporates a salmon fish ladder that allows over 5,000 salmon to ascend every year. The loch is a very popular tourist attraction and there are plenty of walks to enjoy. Visit during autumn to witness the most spectacular colours of the season.

Faskally SCOTLAND | Things to Do at Alexander House Perthshire
Photo credit: https://www.walkhighlands.co.uk/perthshire

• No trip to Scotland is complete without visiting the Queen’s View in Perthshire. From this point you can enjoy panoramic and iconic views of Scotland’s best. Queen Victoria visited in 1866 and it immediately became a popular destination, but it’s thought that this vantage point is actually named after Queen Isabella, the wife of Robert the Bruce.

Queens View SCOTLAND | Things to Do at Alexander House Perthshire
Photo credit: https://www.visitscotland.com/wsimgs/queensview

• An easy day trip if you’re staying at Alexander House, Crieff is a traditional Scottish market town set within Perthshire’s stunning scenery. This attractive and bustling town supports a wide variety of local family-run businesses and is a great place to explore. There are lots of coffee shops and places to eat as well!

Still feeling energetic?

The above are just a few of our favourites, but there are so many more – The Hermitage, Dunkeld, Royal Deeside, Drummond Hill, Kenmore, The Trossachs, Glen Affric. And if you’re looking for something unusual to do, have a read of this great article for inspiration.

Need to entertain the kids?

Ditch the mobile devices and get them outside! They might moan for a few moments, but kids are kids and they all love adventures outdoors. Wrap them up, put on some boots and see what happens! The National Trust’s 50 things to do before you’re 12 and Lasso the Moon are both great sources of inspiration for autumn activities – from rolling down a hill to building a den, the best things in life are free and the simplest of pleasures can create the most wonderful memories. Don’t forget to have a camera to hand (even better if you let them use it) and enjoy looking at the photographs over a mug of hot chocolate. 🙂

Things to Do at Alexander House Perthshire

Be prepared

Autumn is a wonderful time to be out and about but make sure you’re prepared for all types of weather – getting cold and/or wet will turn any outing into a miserable experience.

  • Do your research so that you know where you’re going, how long it will take to get there, where toilets are located and where you can get something to eat.
  • Make sure you have outdoor clothing suitable for all the elements – the weather can turn very quickly.
  • Investing in a decent pair of walking boots is one of the best things you can do for your feet. At the very least, pack plasters in case of blisters.
  • Sunglasses can come in very handy.
  • And don’t forget the camera!

All that’s left to do is have an amazing time exploring Perthsire and marvel at what nature offers for free!


Autumn at Alexander House | Holiday House near Gleneagles Perthshire

27 Sep 2018
Hen Do Ideas - Fully Catered Activity Weekend | Near Gleneagles Perthshire

Hen-do heaven – enjoy a fully catered activity weekend

Your long-awaited Hen Weekend has arrived, your bag is packed and all that’s left to do is to get yourself to Alexander House – it couldn’t be simpler!

Host Sam will be there to organise everything, from all of the catering to every activity you’re planning to try. Isn’t that bliss compared to having had to spend months pulling together a weekend itinerary and then worrying the entire time that something will go wrong or you may have forgotten one vital thing?

Time to let your hair down

The fun starts from the moment you arrive at Alexander House. We will be ready to welcome you with a few glasses of perfectly chilled fizz. Check out the amazing views Alexander House has to offer, settle into your rooms and then head to the kitchen for a relaxed buffet supper based around your choice of Turkish mezze, Italian or Indian food. There’s no cooking, no clearing away, we take care of it all! Once dinner is over you can feel right at home, playing your favourite music or maybe a few games to get the party started before turning in for a good night’s sleep.

The adventure starts here

We’re not running a boot camp, so breakfast is served from the civilized time of 9.30am. Setting you up nicely for the day ahead you can enjoy a few hours chilling, maybe take a dip in the outdoor pool or soak in the hot tub, before the activities start.

On the activities front the world – well, Alexander House and the fabulous Scottish surrounds – is your oyster! The choices are endless, with plenty to do either onsite or nearby. Try white water rafting, kayaking, river duckies, take aim with clay pigeon shooting or archery, or learn bushcraft skills. You provide the transport and we’ll send you off with a delicious picnic to enjoy while you’re offsite.

Perthshire Hen Do Ideas - Spalsh White Water Rafting


Returning to Alexander House late afternoon, we’ll have a scrumptious homemade cake ready to enjoy with tea or coffee and you’ll have plenty of time to dress up for the evening, so don’t forget to pack your little black dress and sparkly shoes. Pre-dinner canapés are served in the Drawing Room, which is the perfect setting for selfies and group photos – especially if you’ve chosen the option to have a Murder Mystery Dinner and everyone is dressed in fabulous costumes!

Dinner is served

Hen Do Ideas - Fully Catered Activity Weekend | Near Gleneagles Perthshire

You then enjoy a three-course dinner served promptly at 8pm in the Dining Hall. Food menus are tailored for your stay and prepared freshly onsite.

Hen Do Ideas - Fully Catered Activity Weekend | Near Gleneagles Perthshire

Hen Do Ideas - Fully Catered Activity Weekend | Near Gleneagles Perthshire

Hen Do Ideas - Fully Catered Activity Weekend | Near Gleneagles Perthshire

After dinner, settle down in the Drawing Room for teas, coffees and a selection of petits fours – also the Murder Mysteries final cut will have played out and the question of whodunnit will be revealed!

Hen Do Ideas - Fully Catered Activity Weekend | Near Gleneagles Perthshire

Now it’s time to fall into bed…


And so to Sunday. Why not simply cosy up in your complimentary white fluffy dressing gowns and head down for a late morning brunch served in the kitchen. With no need to rush off just yet, turn on the tunes and chillax. With snacks and all food provided there’ll be plenty of leftovers to tuck into if you’re feeling peckish. Don’t forget to grab those last-minute selfies or group shots and enjoy a farewell glass of bubbly before leaving around 4pm.

As one of our recent Hen parties described their catered stay at Alexander House, it’s like having a special Hen fairy who is always there to make sure the entire weekend is a magical time!

Fancy being totally spoiled?

Book a fully catered weekend for your hen party and let us do all the hard work. For more details or to make a booking at Alexander House call us on 01764 680205 or check our website for more details.

13 Sep 2018

CHAS Aberdeen Ladies Lunch – 30th August 2018

Dear Jo & Alexander House Team

Our annual CHAS Aberdeen Ladies Lunch took place once again at The Marcliffe Hotel last Thursday, 30th August and there was a buzz in the room from the outset when the 275 guests arrived for an afternoon filled full of fun, laughter, tears and dancing.

We were delighted to have music from the very talented Paul Black at our drinks reception and all our guests enjoyed having their pictures taken with our huge CHAS letters on the lawn outside.

Michelle McManus was, as always, the perfect host for the day, bringing lots of fun and laughter, whilst The Soul Kings had all the ladies up on their feet dancing and singing along.

At the event, which was sponsored by Dron & Dickson, our guests had the opportunity to win stunning earring’s from ROX worth £4,800, a case of Laurent Perrier Rose champagne sponsored by Brewin Dolphin, a £500 voucher for Harvey Nichols courtesy of Whyte Crane Hire, a beautiful bag from Stellar and £1,000 cash prize courtesy of Chez Dean, as well as a great selection of wonderful raffle, live and silent auction prizes.

CHAS Mum, Lynne McKenzie reminded us all why we were there when she shared her inspirational story about her son Jack, who passed away at Rachel House in 2016. You can read Lynne’s story which featured in the Daily Record in June (see attached).

Whilst a lot of fun was had it was also a very emotional day. As well as Lynne’s speech, we held a direct ask where we asked our ladies to help us cover the cost of the CHAS at Home support in Aberdeen on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Hogmanay and New Year’s Day and the response was overwhelming. The lady who won the £1k cash prize donated it back to CHAS and Chez Dean donated a pamper day to CHAS Mum, Lynne and her daughter Holly. There were lots of tears, but it was so heart-warming to see all the generosity and support of the Aberdeen audience.

I hope that I’ve painted a picture of the afternoon for you, but if you would like to watch our wonderful picture presentation of the day, grab a cup of tea and enjoy this CHAS Aberdeen Ladies Lunch video below.

We couldn’t hold events like these without the tremendous support we receive from people like yourself. Thank you so much for once again donating a midweek stay at Alexander House as a prize for the live auction. With your help, alongside the incredible generosity of the guests on the day, we raised a phenomenal £61,500 which after costs means £43,500 will go directly to our work with families like The McKenzie’s. In fact, we managed to fully fund one of our CHAS Nurses in Aberdeen for a full year, which is just phenomenal.

Thank you so much for playing your part in our special day, we hope to continue working with you again in the future.

Kind regards
Louise Jordan
Events Assistant

Alexander House proudly supports Children’s Hospice Association Scotland (CHAS).

CHAS is the only charity in Scotland that provides vital hospice services for children and young people with life-shortening conditions.

To find out more about CHAS and their invaluable work please visit the website.