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Food and Fire: Banana Boats

These have got to be one of the simplest camp fire pudding recipe ideas but they never fail to deliver and make everyone smile.

They are versatile in terms of fillings and no plates are required! Perfect 🙂


Bananas (1 per person or more if still hungry!)
Fruit – strawberries, raspberries
Chocolate or Nutella
Marshmallows, sprinkles, nuts


1. Take one banana

2. Slice through, but not all the way through, leaving the skin on, so that the banana can be ‘opened’ length ways.

3. Fill with delicious things – fruit, chocolate, marshmallows and nuts

4. Wrap in one layer of baking parchment and then finally wrap in foil

5. Pop in the fire to melt and make yummy

Open up and eat when it has cooled down a bit….. enjoy! 🙂